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Do przetłumaczenia!!!!

Firstly - Haynes: in "Ignition system 5 - 7" where it tells you how to test the TPS, it says first that you must connect probes (from ohmmeter) between green and yellow and check value. This is fine. Then you have to put the probes on yellow and red - now you must slowly open the throttle and close it again - the resistance must increase (with opening) and decrease (with closing). This doesn't happen. The opposite happens (which is why I thought my wiring was wacky). If however, you connect between the green and the red, the resistance goes up and down as it should.

Next Haynes tells us to test for voltage - with positive on green and negative on yellow - this is fine, except that instead of getting a value between 4.7 and 5.3, I get a value between -4.7 and -5.3 (-4.95). This means that the current flows in the opposite direction from what one expects. Once again, I thought that my wiring was broken, but then it tests exactly the same on the other bike I checked..

Now - with the probes (ohmmeter set on 20k) connected between green and red (not yellow and red as in Haynes) on the TPS itself - the initial resistance (throttle closed) should be +-0.84 (mine was 0.95 and that was too much - very sensitive!). You can then open the throttle and it should go up to around 4.75 (but I reckon if the initial resistance is the key).

If your resistance is too large or too small, you must once again ignore the manual to fix it - using a hex type torque allenkey (sp?) loosen the TPS from its bracket (can be done without removing the tank) and move it - I can't remember which way is which, but test it with the meter.. when you get to the right neighbourhood 0.84/5 - tighten again - and that is that! (Mine might have been wrong from birth/factory error - the error was very small, but the consequence quite annoying).

I cannot tell for sure that it was fiddled with and come to think of it - it has probably always been like this - the bike was not unrideable - just had that one symptom that you know as well - that is gone now..! yaaay!

The bike difference is that the bike is incredibly smooth - up and down and also - it used to jump out of gear (specifically 4th to 3rd on a hard drive), which I read on another tech forum, is a symptom of erroneous TPS! It doesn't do that anymore.

I think that there is almost no chance that it went out over time - it was tightened too securely, and also, there is not enough strain on the TPS or it spring system to force it out of alignment. Either the Japanese dude got it wrong, or some carburettor mechanic that fiddled before my time.